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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Online Government Grant Application

Government Grant Application On-Line

I get requests almost every day from people who just want to know where they can go to get a free government grant application on-line. The process to get a free government grant takes a little more effort then just going to a web site and getting a government grant application on-line to fill out and submit.

Although the granting process is not very difficult to learn, it is best to buy a tutorial to help walk you through the process. There is no such thing as a "grant application form" that is available for everyone to fill out and apply for a grant. Most of the websites advertising a government grant application on-line are just trying to get customers to sign up for their program.

Finding a good grant writing program on-line is easy. To find out if they are legitimate just "Google" the name of the company or program along with the words "scam" or "rip off". The odds are if they have not treated their customers right there will be blogs and articles written about them. Finding positive testimonials is not always the best way to determine if a company is legitimate because many of them only print the best and most praising comments people have made about them, their products, and services.

Going directly to a government website, which you can identify by finding the .gov in the website name, is the only sure way to know you are dealing directly with a legitimate source for a government grant application on-line. Do not be surprised if you do not find what you are looking for. Most government grant applications must first be requested and then you would receive the appropriate forms to fill out or directed to a special web page to fill out the on-line application.


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